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July 27, 2021:  2019 Massican Sauvignon Blanc

Produced by our friend Dan Petroski and inspired by the Sauvignon wines of northern Italy, this wine pays homage to the tart and delicious everyday wine workhorse of the region of Friuli. While it is difficult to recreate these specific Italian wines anywhere else in the world, this is Dan’s California interpretation of these great Italian white wines. The grapes for this wine are farmed at two vineyards in Napa Valley where the temperatures are both the warmest during the day and the coolest at night. That diversity helps produce a wine of intensity and freshness. Sauvignon Blanc can be a shapeshifter as a cocktail wine but easy enough to pair at the table with anything from salads and vegetables to meats, fish and cheeses (the secret to the best pairing of Sauvignon Blanc is to match the wines flavors with the herbs and spices and flavors you find in your food- Think lemon zest, white pepper, oranges, apples and lemongrass with a briny and crisp acidity.)

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