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Peay Vineyards Estate La Bruma Vineyard Estate Syrah Sonoma Coast 2018

 VINTAGE : 2018


REGION/APPELLATION : California, Sonoma Coast


The fog and sea mist that snakes up the river valley to encase our hilltop is one of the most important and unique features of our maritime micro-climate. The cold, saturated air causes the later afternoon temperatures to cool significantly slowing down sugar accumulation and allowing the acid in the grapes to respire more slowly resulting in energetic and focused wines that will age well. The sea mist also brings moist air which can provide some benefit to other flora and fauna but also creates mildew and rot pressure that may inhibit fruit set and yield depending on the timing. Mother Nature mitigates some of this concern as an afternoon wind blows in from the Ocean every day around noon to help dry off the leaves and fruit.

La Bruma Syrah is the more lifted and aromatic of our two Estate Syrah. It often features floral notes of lavender and violets along with the ever-present core of zingy red fruits, mineral bass notes of graphite, and savory herbal accents. I find the profile more akin to an Hermitage Syrah than other parts of the northern Rhône. But, to be clear, La Bruma is decidedly a Peay Vineyards, West Sonoma Coast Syrah and is not trying to be anything, or anyone, else.

And, lest you have not heard us say it before, we should state that cold climate Syrah – like Peay Syrah – is really the red wine you want to drink when you head to your cellar for something that pairs well with food. It has the flavor profile that plays well with a piece of red meat (iron, blood, red and black fruits, herbal notes, high acid) while also being light enough on its feet to complement tomato dishes, fowl, pork, and roasted vegetables. At least half the time we head to the cellar for a bottle of Pinot noir or Cabernet we emerge cradling a bottle of cold climate Syrah. It represents more than half of what we have in our cellars and may in yours, too, once you give in to it.

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