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Domaine Monier Perreol Saint-Joseph, Rhone, France 2021

What a beauty! The color is black with gorgeous purple and ruby hues around the rim. Jean-Pierre Monier farms all his vines organically and biodynamically, producing an old-school Saint-Joseph on high-altitude slopes above the Rhône river. This Syrah exhibits remarkable purity and grace. 

Starting with the 2008 vintage, Jean-Pierre Monier entered into a working relationship with Philippe Perréol to combine their resources in order to meet the increasing market demand. Perréol works his vines just like Monier. They currently have three labels, depending on vineyard origin and legal reporting requirements: Domaine Monier, Domaine Perréol, and Domaine Monier-Perréol.

Monsieur Monier likes farming. He lives in humble splendor way up in the hills above the Rhône River surrounded by cherry, apricot, and peach orchards, grapevines he farms biodynamically, birdies singing, and bees a-buzzin’. He is living the life of a 19th-century vigneron. Monier told me that he had it figured out: he makes about three dollars an hour in his little winery. “But I’m so happy,” he said.

His is an almost regal Saint Joseph, loaded with character and luscious, juicy Syrah fruit.

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