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Dom Perignon 2013, France

"In 1668, Dom Pierre Pérignon was appointed procurator at the Abbey of Hautvillers. His aim was to create “the best wine in the world”.Following the rule of Saint Benedict, he left nothing to chance. Dom Pérignon developed revolutionary techniques for viticulture and winemaking.Dom Pérignon and Louis XIV were exact contemporaries. The """"wine of father Pérignon“ was served at Versailles.Dom Pérignon Vintage is a creative process with various approaches and inherent risks. Dom Pérignon’s constraint is the Vintage: an absolute commitment.Our ambition is to bear witness to each year, whatever the challenges may be. Our vision is inspired by Dom Pierre Pérignon’s own vision: To create the best wine in the world. In September 29th, 1694 to a customer from the town of Epernay who has ordered wine from the Abbaye of Hautvillers dom Pierre Pérignon wrote: “Sir, I have given you 26 bottles of the best wine in the world” It took a visionary spirit and exceptional daring to have such ambition at the end of the 17th century. But vision and daring were second nature to dom Pierre Pérignon."
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