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Arnot-Roberts Sauvignon Blanc, Yorkville Highlands, USA 2022

The gnarled old Sauvignon Blanc vines at the Randle Hill Vineyard were planted in 1982 in the Yorkville Highlands of Mendocino County. This rugged and remote site is farmed organically on a steep hillside of eroding shale, situated at 1,100’ elevation, where it enjoys warm days and cool nights. We love the mineral driven Sauvignon Blancs of France’s Loire Valley and have long hoped we would find a site here in California that could grow Sauvignon Blanc that leaned in that direction. We knew that vine age, clone, elevation, soil, and farming all had to be right for us to achieve that expression and this vineyard met all the criteria.  The resulting wine exhibits mineral and saline flavors balanced with a hint of herbaceous and floral aromatics.

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