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June 15, 2021: We are thrilled to offer one of our favorites for Father's Day:

The Blue Blazer x Billy Sunday Old Fashioned

Blue Blazer is a group of industry veterans and batched cocktail experts looking to bring quality and customization to the ready-to-drink market, starting with Chicago.

They have partnered with renowned Chicago bar Billy Sunday (known for classic drinks, adventurous new creations and a deep library of vintage spirits) to offer their signature drink The Old Fashioned. Featuring award-winning 4-year old Driftless Glen Bourbon, Zucca Rabarabro, cane sugar and orange bitters, it is full of depth with rich flavors that will make you sing its praises.

Available for the first time outside the walls of Billy Sunday, you can now enjoy one of the best Old Fashioneds from the comfort of your home.


750ml / ABV – 33.3%


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