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Tenuta di Fessina Erse Etna Bianco Sicily, Italy 2019

VINTAGE : 2019


REGION/APPELLATION : Italy, Mt. Etna, Sicily

VARIETALS : Carricante 90%, Catarratto Minnella 10%

Erse, the call of the sunrise and the dew at dawn. "The blue of the drops of the dew."

The blue of the sky of Etna.

Milo, on the eastern side of the volcano, represents a very particular terroir, it is lashed by strong rainfalls, among the highest in percentage on the whole island and is subject to very complex pedo-climatic conditions, which if expertly supported are able to give unique wines for complexity and longevity. The soil, the son of the volcanic activity, is made up of several spheres embraced over the centuries, from dark and sandy hills deriving from the collapse of a part of the Etna slope and from recent elements such as pumice, lapilli, fine and draining ash. This terroir, with a subacid reaction, is particularly fertile and loaded with iron and copper, silicon and manganese. And it is here that the Carricante finds its pure and typical expression. The unique conditions, in fact, allow you to raise the vine at altitudes almost unthinkable, with great advantages on the slow and steady maturation of the late- ripening indigenous grapes, whose harvest usually takes place during the first or second week of October.

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