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Rivers-Marie Panek Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

VINTAGE : 2018


REGION/APPELLATION : California, Napa Valley

VARIETALS : Cabernet Sauvignon

VINEYARD : Panek Vineyard

CASES : 550 

"We always felt fortunate to have this much high-quality
fruit to select from when finalizing the Panek blend every year.  In 2018, the Panek family offered us the whole ranch, turning over the three older vine, cordon trained blocks in the back of the property.  Not knowing quite
what to expect, we vinified and barreled these separately.  These naturally lower yielding parcels produced wines of enormous concentration and color.  As we sat down to blend, we realized all of these
wines were of single vineyard quality, some were even better than most of the
blocks we had been working with the last ten years.  Eventually we singled out a small block of
clone 191 as the most logical addition to the 2018 Panek blend.  This block added a tremendous amount of
structure to the wine, something that is occasionally lacking from this
site.  It also darkened the fruit profile
pushing the wine from a red/black profile to the a more purple/black
expression.  The vineyard signature is
still there of course but feels fuller and more impactful.  Purple flowers, graphite, cassis and smoke
The texture is more layered this year, due in part to both the vintage
and the inclusion of a new block from the vineyard.  The palate turns very stony early and then veers to blueberries, dark chocolate and some meaty, iron notes as the finish kicks in.  I thought we had taken this
about as far as we could with the 2016 but the 2018 is at another level."

Thomas Rivers Brown- Winemaker 

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