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Rivers-Marie Herb Lamb Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

VINTAGE : 2018


REGION/APPELLATION : California, Napa Valley

VARIETALS : Cabernet Sauvignon

VINEYARD : Herb Lamb Vineyard

CASES : 310

"We couldn't ask for a better vintage to begin our 10-year
lease agreement with the venerable Herb Lamb Vineyard.  2018 allowed us the opportunity to wrap our
arms around the entire property and get a sense of what blocks were of single
vineyard quality and what would be blended into the Napa appellation wine.  In the past, Herb and Jennifer had always
been generous enough to allow grape buyers a center cut of the best block in
the vineyard.  This established core
became known as HL1 and was easily the best vineyard block we harvested across
all Rivers-Marie Cabernet picks in 2018. 
HL2 came next with some slightly more vigorous vines at the top of the
property and some shade effected vines at both ends of the center block.  We finished harvest here with HL3, a bottom
block that has more vigor than any other spot in the vineyard plus the three
bottom rows of the center block which see a lot of run off during the
We feel fortunate to have the flexibility to blend across these blocks, not only for what it does for the Herb Lamb bottling but also its contribution to making the 2018 Napa the best appellation wine we have ever bottled."

Thomas Rivers Brown- Winemaker 

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