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Railsback Frères Les Rascasses Rose 2021

The reason we began making wine together as Railsback Frères was to produce a rosé-- specifically one in Santa Ynez-- and inspired by Lulu Peyraud and the old style of rosé they produced at the legendary Domaine Tempier in Bandol. In 2021, all three Mediterranean varieties we harvest for rosé came in at what we consider optimal ripeness levels, and thanks to the addition of a new vineyard site, we now have even more Mourvédre in the cépage this year. Compared to the previous harvest of 2020 overall, 2021 was cooler-- and after quietly resting for six months in neutral Burgundy barrels, our Les Rascasses is lively, floral and bright. Having achieved a secondary (malolactic) fermentation without any difficulty this year, the texture and body offer a nice equilibrium to such a fresh vintage, and certainly make pairing even easier at the table. Tasting it on release after the winter offers early excitement for spring artichokes, and early garden peas and lettuces...not to mention the later arrivals of summer squash with garlic and basil, or peak-of-season tomatoes drenched in a fruity Provençal olive oil. 
We are invigorated by the early results of our 2021 rosé and can't wait to share it with you. 
Sharing the new vintage of “Les Rascasses” with people we love would make Lulu proud!
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