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Ossian "Quintaluna" Verdejo, Spain 2018

VINTAGE : 2018




Quintaluna 2019 shows the character of the Segovian Verdejo, combining freshness and varietal typicity. From an environment of sandy soils, surrounded by pine forests, the vines grow in an ex- treme climate that gives them a special character. Quintaluna has its origin in a selection of plots in the north of the province of Segovia. A wine that expresses an area with centuries of wine history.

Sands as the common thread of a vineyard that looks to the past and the future. Vibrant Verdejo, unctuous freshness.

Quintaluna is made with grapes from a great diversity of small plots distri-buted in munici- palities in the north of the pro- vince of Segovia such as Nieva, Aldeanueva del Codonal, Alde- huela del Codonal and Santiuste de San Juan Bautista. The soils of this area are very characteristic: they have a majority presence of sands and codons. This composi- tion was what helped these vines resist phylloxera, the plague that wiped out much of the European vineyard at the end of the 19th century. It is in these soils, which are living history of viticul-tu- re, where Quintaluna emerged. A wine made mainly from a very old, pre-phylloxera vines, and with a smaller amount of grapes from a younger, selected and lowyield vineyard. It is our old vineyard for the future.

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