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Massolino Langhe Chardonnay Piedmont, Italy 2019

VINTAGE : 2019



VARIETALS : Chardonnay 

We also devote meticulous attention to our Langhe DOC Chardonnay, from tending the vines to scrupulous vinification. This wine represented a challenge for us. Yet in the Langa region, traditionally the home of full-bodied reds, Chardonnay has succeeded in finding a second home. Rich, exciting and suitable for long ageing.

Appearance: more or less bright straw yellow depending on the vintage.

Bouquet: the most fanciful scents of ripe fruit and an excellent mineral quality emerge, together with optimal freshness.

Flavour: warm and expansive, it envelops the palate with gentleness and character, ending with a lingering aftertaste; undoubtedly blessed with the structure provided by the Langa soils. It is best to serve it at temperatures between 12-15°C. This wine belongs to the ranks of structured whites, capable of evolving and improving as time goes by. It is very good with saltwater and some freshwater fish dishes, such as trout. The combination with white and red meats is exceptional when they are cooked slowly with delicate spices.

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