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Joseph Drouhin 'Drouhin-Vaudon' Vaudesir Chablis Grand Cru, France 2020

VINTAGE : 2020

COUNTRY : France


VARIETALS : Chardonnay

A famous vineyard whose relief has no equivalent in Burgundy. Its round shape and steep slope evoke an ancient amphitheater. The name comes the French “chemin des vaudésirs” (path of the vaudésirs) cutting the vineyard down the middle.

“An exquisite wine often drunk on its own as an aperitif. Pure and limpid colour, with a faint greenish hint. On the nose, fresh aromas of flower and fruit (lemony flavours) and, at times, spicy notes of coriander. On the palate: harmonious aromas bringing character and elegance. The magnitude of its Grand Cru origin and the light salty notes from the Kimmeridgian soil are in evidence. Remarkably long and complex persistence in the aftertaste”. Veronique Boss Drouhin 

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